Sunday, August 8, 2010

Selamat Datang/ Welcome

To my Wednesday students since we not going to have class this week i am going to share with you
what to focus on for the exam... WHICH IS NEXT WEEK ... Location and time frame exactly as your class

Firstly the lab is open book... concentrate on your lecture note (print and bring in)

Please don't share this blog with other class... or anyone.. only if they were n my class too then its okay okay.... it will be unfair for you guys.... and don't forget to enroll to /BTI1022 Blackboard.. who ever receive the sms upon sending in the email from announcement i made in blackboard please do spread the words ok...

1stly you already missed few class
2ndly we are on holiday this Wednesday the others will still have class

so the tips is

  • Practice your output design and alignment
  • practice discount
  • make use of ansi code
  • check on math/calculation
Macam ni ke
remember practice practice practice.... please do sent in those phone number just in case there is something up...

p.s i will be free on Thursday 11-12.30 @G2 in front of CAD lab 3-4 > make use of this time frame

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  1. p.s siapa lagi tanya no tel 013701**** tu nombor siapa saya tak akan sms lg... sekian terima kasih :D