Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Elaborating and collaboration + Happy Ramadan

Okay before i start to explain this picture guys please do ask your classmate (yes who ever studied with me) to view this blog... i will keep posting few example for your own use..... please feel free to ask me what ever you wanted to know

This as close example  can show you i will think of something else and try to put it here as well

the program above shows that you will ask the user to enter 2 input (int or float etc etc) and yes...
you will use the 2 input to calculate something.... basically above here show adding two numbers and minus two numbers... no it is not as simple as this .... try to do multiply and divide.. and master some of ansi code.. just in case you need them... just so you know the test will be an easy one simply type and run we will mark you from there... mastering your design and alignment here will be added bonus.... because you will ask to deliver the same out put from the question... i know you can do it... GAMBATTE KUDASAI NE (basically it means Selamat Berusaha)

p.s Please forgive me if i do or say anything wrong in our class may this ramadan will give a better light in our life... peace and SELAMAT BERPUASA to all muslim... and yes.... happy holiday to the others.... may the force be with you guys too :D

please jgn lah tgk je blog ni bagi soalan sikit..... i try my best to answer asap.....

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